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PPROM 33 weeks within 24 hours of Di being sent home, baby Rorie heart stopped beating....

💙 We want to share this story so Rorie's life is not in vain 💙

Di story of PPROM:-

PPROM 33 weeks

No heartbeat @ 33 + 3

Induced @ 33 + 4

Delivered @ 33 + 4

I PPROM at exactly 33 weeks pregnant. After 2 nights in hospital I was sent home with 7 days of antibiotics.

By around 7:30pm the next day I had developed a high temperature to touch, but was shivering uncontrollably with cold.

We immediately went straight back to the hospital to be checked over. Upon arrival I had a temperature of 39.5 degrees & was still shivering uncontrollably with cold.

I was put straight on a CTG monitor & had an ultrasound scan.

We were then heartbreakingly told that our little boy’s heart was no longer beating & there wasn’t any movement from him.

At 20:25 on 28/11/2021, our beautiful sleeping son was born, sharing a birthday with his Daddy & weighing 5lbs 5oz despite arriving at 33 weeks & 4 days.

We named him Rorie Hugo Cooper. To us he is the most perfect little boy, just sleeping.

💙 His 10 tiny toes,

💙 His 10 tiny fingers

💙 His beautiful button nose,

💙💙 2 tiny little ears

💙 A light covering of ginger toned hair

💙 The most perfect & adorable face we have ever seen.

I had an infection that had quickly developed into sepsis & I’m ‘lucky’ to still be here to tell the tale of our precious boy.

We miss him so much every day.

There will always be a piece of us missing. 💙


💙 It is vital if you are having any pain no matter how mild or any changes to your symptoms you must go to hospital & ask to be kept in or if you are in hospital you must tell your medical team ASAP & ensure your bloods, discharge & urine are lab tested.

at the later gestation we must start to have detail conversations of the risks to PPROM and learning the best time to deliver

We are so heartbroken to hear of Di's story & we hope by sharing her story tonight that maybe we may prevent another loss at this gestation & hoping the medical teams around the World will start to listen to mums & be more open about the risks of PPROM

We wish mums were monitored in hospital for longer so if anything happens that baby can be delivered!

Thinking of Di & her husband

Team Little Heartbeats


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