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PPROM at 20 weeks gestation my story by Alyse

My story of PPROM by Alyse Jackson (PPROM at 20 weeks gestation)

from the beginning I knew something was wrong with this last pregnancy. October 30,2022 I was standing in my daughter's room and felt this horrible gush, immediately went to the bathroom and I was bleeding horribly I knew I had to get to the hospital quickly even though it was so early on.

The pain that came with that gush was unbearable. I was told I had a blood clot that would likely go away, truth be told in my mind I knew it wasn't going to.

My entire pregnancy was complicated I bled the entire time and when I say I bled I mean I bled somewhere around 20 weeks is when I PPROM without my knowledge because of the bleeding it wasn't until that last ultrasound that we found out he was just making enough fluid to survive.

I've been hospitalized so many times within those weeks and months that it became normal to me, but also extremely hard because I'm a mother of twins. I would be released numerous times and told to take it easy in which I didn't know how to do because I had babies to take care of

At 24 weeks I was hospitalized and was to sit there until he was born. James entered the world via emergency C-section due to prolapsed cord at 26 weeks and 2 days.

I knew where Nicu you stay would be long but I didn't realize it was going to be the 109 days that we were there.

James was said to have a stage 2 brain bleed early on but luckily it was all a misunderstanding but he has suffered lasting effects to his lungs.

I had no idea how hard this was going to be. actually, lately things have been so rough with his breathing but we have an appointment with a pulmonary specialist in hope to try to figure some things out. he is a thriving young man almost two, I couldn't be so lucky. I hope my story is able to help somebody

* Your page has helped me so much. I have a son who is 11 who was born at 26 weeks and one day due to a chronic abruption. I never quite understood what a chronic eruption meant until this last time around I also suffered from placenta previa so the pregnancy like I said earlier was and should have been a complete loss from the start. I knew something was special I knew that as long as I thought he would fight too and God knew at that exact time that I needed him more than I needed anything in this world, and I truly believe that. I always thought I was the biggest fighter in this World until James entered it and then I understood what fighting really was.

Please meet our PPROM miracle here, from our NICU stay and beyond.

James you are our everything.....

One moment in time I will never forget

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