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PPROM at 20 weeks gestation - stories of hope

Sonia's Story of PPROM is:

Found out I was pregnant with my 5th baby, everything was fine at 9weeks scan and 12weeks scan at 16weeks sexing scan everything was Brilliant. I went for my 20weeks scan to find out that my baby waters had gone no sign of my waters breaking. I didn't know about this until I had a scan had at my emergency appointment at hospital with consultant to check my baby and that scan showed I had no waters, so for a few weeks after this scan I received two weekly scans to keep a eye on my baby.

My consultant informed me what was happening and told me to drink as much water as possible to help build my waters back up, but as quick as they were filling they were low again, which didn't help my baby lungs. I was taken into hospital a few times with ruptured of membranes, twice this happened, the last time I was taken in, I was given steroids to help my baby.

At delivery at 27weeks and 6days, I went into premature labour. I had emergency C-section delivered a little girl weighing 2lbs 4ozs. It wasn't a good start to her life as her first 24hours she was given a low chance of life but after a long 3months in NICU she was brought home on oxygen for chronic lung disease.

Lottie is now a happy baby girl who will turn two in July 2021.


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