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PPROM Survey: Understanding what is important to you....

: PPROM research survey the emotional impact of PPROM Little Heartbeats are working with the King’s College London to help others learn about the impact of PPROM. We are asking mums and dads impacted by PPROM if you can spare a few moments to take part in this survey as we are hoping this will form better understanding of what information about PPROM is available online.

Why is this research needed We know that when women have PPROM they often turn to the internet for information about the condition. We know that this information sometimes informs difficult decisions that women are asked to make.

In order to assess the information available we first want to understand what is important for you to know. We are asking you to read statements from national guidance to doctors about PPROM and tell us how important they are to you. Please take a moment to complete the online survey. This is completely anonymous and we anticipate it would take approximately 15 minutes.


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