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PPROM Interview with journalist Sonia Poulton #PPROM #littleheartbeats #watersbreakingearly

thank you to @SoniaPoulton for taking the time to have us on your channel Sonia Poulton | Brand New Tube - follow our link above or feel free to listen direct to our interview via Brand New Tube you can do here,

* I started off with some laptop technique issues but we hope this explains our mission and why we need to invest more into PPROM in pregnancy

PPROM in pregnancy...

When your waters break early in pregnancy before 37 weeks gestation in pregnancy

Everyday we mentor pregnant mums and their families through PPROM in pregnancy and beyond

The hardest part of this job is we do this on limited funds and with a very small team

We work extremely hard and are passionate about supporting others

This is my brief story and why we are campaigning and helping others through this condition

# Again I apologise for the mishaps with the technical errors #

* to donate to our cause you can do so here

or via PayPal here,


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