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Prematurity Awareness Month 2020

Sophie's story of PPROM

My waters broken at 15 weeks gestation. I was travelling to multiple hospitals weekly which every consultant/doctor said the same thing.

“ There’s nothing we can do, terminate the baby.”

This is something I was never willing to do. I was going to fight with my baby and if it wasn’t meant to be nature would take it’s cause.

Every two weeks I had a scan and the fluid was non measurable from 16 weeks gestation. I was told baby’s lungs were not as big as they should be which they then explained all the problems this could cause with my baby.

I had an aminoinfusion of salty water inserted through my womb at 20 weeks. I was told 1 in every 5 women miscarried with it but luckily I didn’t. Within 2 days of having the infusion, my fluid was back to unmeasurable.

After this I constantly bled every other day, sometimes even little clots.

At 27+2 weeks I finally gave birth to my little girl via breech extraction. She had a little cry and was taken straight over to be resuscitated and bagged.

Her first week in hospital was crucial. She was on a oscillator with her oxygen levels on 100% her first day and Nitric gas of 8. She slowly fought her was through her respiratory breathing machines and after a long 11 weeks of LOCKDOWN in hospital she finally came home on her LOW FLOW of 0.2 %.

She is now 8 months old ( 5 months corrected ) and she’s thriving. She came off her oxygen just In time for the winter with no underlining health issues.

I honestly don’t think I would of coped as a 19 year old as well if it wasn’t for Little Heartbeats they given me so much information and support through my pregnancy and after birth what no consultant of Doctor ever did.

Thankyou so much!


The fact I couldn’t just be a normal pregnant women and do normal things you do when Your pregnant. Or how depressed it made me.

The most annoying thing was that no doctor would help your baby until after 24weeks all they wanted me to do is terminate. When you know your going to fight for your baby they should fight with you and your desicions, they were all awful


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