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They told me there was a very poor chance of survival...

My story of PPROM by Nadia...

Little Heartbeats is a wonderful support non-profit organisation, run by the most amazing woman, who has experienced PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture Of the Membranes- this is when your waters break before 37 weeks).  After the loss of her baby in 2010 she helps others who are experiencing their own PPROM journey. Little heartbeats raise awareness of this condition in pregnancy where the fluid surrounding the baby ruptures prematurely. They send out free PPROM information care packs worldwide, cuddly animals that allow you to record your baby’s heartbeat on, and provide support via closed groups, email and through their website. PPROM happens in about 3% of pregnancies, and is associated with 40% of preterm births and can in some cases causes fetal death.

This organisation helped me massively when my waters broke at 20 weeks with my daughter Mia. During the toughest times of my pregnancy this organisation reminded me that I was not alone and they gave me more than just hope. With their help I knew what questions to ask, what precautions to take, when to say no to doctors and how to manage the rest of my pregnancy as safely as possible. The only option given by my doctor was termination. The support and advice I have received has been fantastic and has really helped me to cope with my PPROM. I think health professionals need to take more note and attention to PPROM as many people don’t know enough about it.

Without Little Heartbeats I don’t know where I would be. I finally delivered a healthy baby girl at 36+4 weeks after being given a very poor chance of survival or a high risk of major complications if I successfully reached viability. My little baby made it fortunately. I just thank Little Heartbeats with all my heart for their support and guidance. I couldn’t have got through it without them. It is important that anyone going through PPROM receives information and support from this group as there is very little information available through hospitals.

To raise money for this wonderful non-profit organisation, my brother and his partner will be walking the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path starting on August 22nd 2020 which is 124 miles (200km) in 7 days. The money raised is desperately needed as they are a non-profit organisation, hoping to soon become a charity and are striving to raise awareness . 

More information about Little Heartbeats - see website below


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