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Unfortunatly I trusted them and that's a mistake...

My waters had gone 12 hours prior, bleeding, no fetal movements. My son died in hospital. I wasnt prescribed antibiotics, and had no blood screening 💔 I'm sharing Beau's story to try and push the government to reinstate the maternity training fund & start learning from poor maternity care.

Stephanie with her precious baby Beau

(Pprom at 36 weeks and 1 day gestation, it was 12 hours before being admitted 8am waters broke 23rd May. Admitted to ward at 8pm, no antibiotics)

And the thing is I'd had pprom with 3 out of my 6 children at that point, I knew things weren't right and I buzzed the midwives and they just didnt do anything. I had chorioaminiotis, the post mortem found and the reduced movements, bleeding etc and waters going all should of been warning signs. But they ignored them all 😥😥 They did the same with my 4th child (same gestation) left me over night by morning we both had group a strep thankfully my daughter was born alive but Beau wasn't so lucky :(

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