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"Why Me?...Why NOT YOU? by Ciara Gallagher

PPROM 22 weeks and 3 days gestation

Our story began in February 2016.....

I wasn't feeling great for a few days, I had pelvic pain and was working away. So I took the Friday off as I felt quite sick and went to see my medical team, who gave me a course of antibiotics.

I then woke on the Saturday morning and felt a gush. I found it strange. So I googled and worried and thought 'no this can't be true'.

Met friends for lunch and no more gushes. By 5pm I was in the hospital and at 8pm I was admitted for PPROM. I was 22+3 days.

I was terrified and just couldn't grasp what was being said. From then until the 28th April I was in hospital.

I haemorrhaged twice (once at 28 weeks, once at 30 weeks). Was warned it wouldn't be able to continue if the bleeding didn't stop. 4 hour checks, anticoagulant injections every day, antibiotics for 10 days, stress, crying and made friends with some of the nicest and kindest midwives I could ever have asked for. Consultant was honest and factual. Hard to hear there is a DNR on your baby.

Made it to 32+1 with fluid fluctuating from tiny to 7cm. On that morning I woke up feeling dreadful, and vomited for the first time of the pregnancy.

My beautiful boy was born a healthy bouncing boy. 3lbs 15oz (1798g). He was cPap'd for about 6 hours. Off all oxygen after 24 hours. A grower and a feeder for 23 nights in neo-natal.

He's just turned 5 and starting big school in September! No complications and just so grateful for this little miracle. Probable causes of the PPROM my fibroid surgery (18 months previously), scar tissue, fibroids, IVF pregnancy. And pretty much the luck of the draw. For everyone in the middle of this horrendous time, there is light.

We made it and the 90 nights in hospital were all worth it.

My advice - stay admitted. It changes in seconds and you need the medical team at your side.


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