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You are NOT Alone

"You are NOT ALONE"

Is a saying by Little Heartbeats

Regardless what your outcome is

Little Heartbeats is an award winning non profit

After losing our baby we have campaigned, and campaigned

We have brought back patient leaflets and guidelines

We have the PPROM ukoss study, which we are hoping to learn more what is happening to those under 24 weeks in regards to their care and outcomes

We also believe sharing baby loss stories can prevent future losses and outreach to those who lose a baby

When you lose a baby it is the most heartbreaking experience you can ever face

When you have gone through losing your waters

Many fight so hard for their baby

Not only is it traumatic losing a baby but the memory of knowing your baby is alive

Then you give birth to a baby who never makes a cry or listening to your baby take their final breath in your arms

You can never fix or heal a baby loss parent

So many various therapy options, some help ease how we cope, the only one which sometimes help is EDMR if its offered soon after the loss but even this

💔 Can't fix a broken heart,

It can't replace your baby 💔

It cannot erase your memories 💔

You NEVER forget birthing your baby 😥

Please know we have suport for baby loss, pregnancy during a pprom pregnancy and neonatal and a new pregnancy after PPROM

Little Heartbeats will always do their best to be there for you

We don't know what your outcome will be but regardless what happens

"You ARE NOT Alone"

By Little Heartbeats


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