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Mum Hannah Grindley and baby Millie's PPROM story

My little girl Millie was born at 35 weeks in September 2015. I went into Wrexham Maelor Hospital in Wales on 3 occasions ( from 33 weeks) telling them I was leaking fluid and that my baby's movements were reduced.

The first 2 visits to hospital I was told my baby was fine and that I was wetting myself!

On the 3rd occasion I went to hospital and was finally given a scan only to their surprise my little girl was only in 1cm of water.

She was born 6 hours later by c section. She was fine and able to breathe on her own. Only that she had to stay on a drip for 3 days.

I can't believe how lucky I am.

This needs to be made more aware and midwives need to be more understanding.

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