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Mum Cassie, was told the best thing would be at this stage of pregnancy was to induce to end her pre

My name is Cassie Turner. The following are my photos of my daughter.

I PPROM at 21+3 weeks I never went into labour I was transferred to a bigger hospital 3 hours from home where I spent 8 weeks in the hospital not on bed rest but just staying there. I was on three times a day antibiotics. I had 2 lots of steroids one at 23 weeks for 3 days and another course at 27 weeks for 3 days. At 29+6 my infection level went up and my doctor decided it was time to deliver my daughter my emergency caesarean. My miracle daughters name is Jean-Leslie Lorraine Turner. She was delivered today a year ago so the 20th of April 2015 in Mercy hospital for women in Melbourne Australia.

How It made me feel

I was so scared and terrified. I'd had two previous pregnancies with no complications, resulting in two sons Isaac (now 19) and Jacob (now 16). I felt so torn between being with my sons and staying in the hospital. Jacob summed it up when he visited me once: Mum when Isaac was sick with his depression you sat beside his bed. When I was sick with my oesophagus issues you sat beside the bed. But the baby is still inside you so you have to sit on the bed. He was only 14 at the time. I was also angry at the doctors in my nearby hospital who wanted me to end the pregnancy with them telling me it wasn't viable, it was better to get the labour over with and move on and showing me pictures of a 21 week baby. Even when my daughter was transferred back to that hospital before coming home they (the doctors) kept saying she shouldn't be here. It was maddening.

We were told she only had a 2% viability and that it wasn't worth continuing with the pregnancy. We argued there wouldn't be a 2% if there weren't any success stories.

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