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Dylan our Premature Warrior!

  • Dylan born at 30+1 due to PPROM at 24 weeks.

  • Weighed 2lb 15oz he spent 8 weeks in NICU.

  • Such a scary tough start for him but he's now almost 2 and such a blessing.

  • Where there's heartbeats theres hope.

My Story of PPROM

I had a very rough pregnancy, I suffered from PCOS so took me around 3 years to conceive than at 14 weeks I had a very heavy bleed which they thought was a miscarriage, thankfully the bleeding stopped and we started getting excited again. But at 24 weeks I was in bed falling asleep and my waters broke. Was in hospital for a week getting monitored but the doctors couldn't figure out why my waters went as I didn't have an infection. I got my steroid injections to help Dylan's lungs. Was then monitored for 6 more weeks getting bloods done twice a week and scans to make sure there was still fluid around the baby. At 30 weeks Dylan passed meconium so the doctors had to start my labour. Long day in labour from 7am the decision was made at 5pm to do a c-section. They warned us he might not cry when delivered but what an almighty scream we heard. He was taken away to NICU and dad saw him soon after followed by myself. He's just amazing. 8 weeks we spent in the hospital which was a roller coaster 1 step forward 2 steps back it felt like an eternity but we got to take our boy home on 25th January 2015. He's now almost 2 and full of beans. Dylan was due on 7th February 2015 but was born on 30th November 2014. He was out of the hospital before his due date which was amazing.

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