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VOTE for Little Heartbeats today!

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The Arriva funding competition is open, they provide funding for good causes to continue with their work.

We here at Little Heartbeats have put forward a presentation in the hope of receiving funding to ensure the continued ability to provide PPROM information packs to parents and achieve more of our goals.

The competition winner is chosen by the number of votes received. Arriva allows everyone 10 votes we would appreciate it if you could get behind us and vote in our favour. It's free

to take part please if you can support us with votes click on the link below and vote now.

Little Heartbeats supports and educates mums Worldwide who's pregnancies have been overshadowed by premature prelabour rupture of membranes (pprom).

This condition puts them at risk of premature labour and their babies lives at risk.

We are a non profit organisation and our team us made up of mums who have already dealt with their own pprom journeys.

Not all babies survive but with better education and understanding more could. In the hope to raise funding to help us send out our information packs to mums with pprom we have taken part in the aviva community fund competition.

To be in with a chance of winning we need as many people as possible to vote for us,everyone is entitled to 10 votes and we would appreciate it if our mums families and friends could vote for us, by clicking the link ABOVE.

So please help us send these info packs to mums in the UK,

Canada,Australia,USA and other parts of the world where mums need them.

Thank you in advance.

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