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My Story of PPROM

I experienced my first PPROM in July 2011 at 27+6days into my pregnancy.

There was no warning, I was having a perfect pregnancy, but I remember having to keep going to the toilet a few minutes before the major gush happened, I felt like I constantly needed a wee but little did I know it was my waters leaking. After about 10mins of the leaking I started to walk down my road and then a sudden all off my waters broke. I was rushed to hospital and given a scan which showed no water around my daughter, I also had an infection which was the cause of my pprom. I lasted two days in hospital on bed rest before my daughter was born by emergency c section as I was suffering bad from the infection. She was in neonatal for 7weeks and is now almost 6years old.

My second experience of PPROM didn't end so well. My waters broke with my son on 16th March 2014 at 21+5days. He was born sleeping, he passed away during delivery.

My third experience is exactly the same as my second. No warning again, it happened on 10th November 2016 at 16weeks and my son was also born sleeping.

I wasn't given a reason for losing both of my sons and no explanation why my waters broke early in any of my pregnancies but they believe I had an infection with my second PPROM, in which I was given antibiotics for this but sadly my sons were too beautiful for earth.

Thank you for reading my story

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