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Be Informed - Knowledge is Power

Our Website was set up in loving memory of

Sinead Speakman

We have helped hundreds of families through PPROM in pregnancy

Some have brought home their babies, some have NOT.

We Believe the following is key to improving care in PPROM,

  • Knowledge helps us to understand

  • A Care Management plan helps to know we being cared for

  • Listening to our pregnant women goes a long way

  • Respecting and Caring for our pregnant women makes the journey so much easier

  • Honestly goes a long way when explaining what PPROM is!

  • Knowing when to deliver especially at the later gestation can help save babies lives

PPROM is the acronym for Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes other know as when your waters break early in pregnancy before 37 weeks of pregnancy


Little Heartbeats message is....

' Professional considerations '

How information is relayed to the patient, how the negatives are described and the quality of care the patient receives from the team, regardless of the outcome, all have to be considered very carefully.

P : Prompt

Be prompt in treating the patient. PPROM should be treated as an emergency and not just as the next baby loss.

P : Professional

Remain professional at all times.

R : Reassurance

Patients should be reassured that their medical team support the decisions they have made.

O : Open-minded

Remain open to patient suggestions and requests throughout the process.

M : Mental well-being

Be mindful of the the fact that, regardless of outcome, the vast majority of patients are experiencing the unknown and naturally suffering considerable mental anxiety.

Regardless of our families choices, they deserve to know about their condition in pregnancy, they deserve respect and they deserve to know there is hope

Our Website

Little Heartbeats petition if you want us to gain consistent care and allow Little Heartbeats to be part of shaping up the PPROM guidelines then sign this petition,

After all, we know exactly what to do when you PPROM because we have been here!

We help families daily.

We pick up the pieces and keep our families stay strong.

Reason's why PEOPLE are signing:-

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