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Press Request

  • Were you told to terminate your pregnancy and did you prove them wrong by bringing home your baby ?

  • If so and you would like to take part in a photo-shoot with your baby to raise awareness of PPROM and Little Heartbeats then we would like to hear from you.

Our journalist Kelly Strange is looking to arrange an all expenses paid photo-shoot in London in the New Year.

We need between four and six mums to take part in this shoot. Ideally your baby will be under 18 months old and you will NOT have appeared in a newspaper before.

If you would like to be considered please contact Kelly with an outline of your story and some pictures of you and your baby.

Contact details, telephone: 0800 0665 905 | Email: please copy (dot between little and heartbeats)

Nothing is for publication at this stage.

Kelly has worked with lots of our mums already to tell their stories in national press.

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