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It was suppose to be my relaxation pregnancy but my waters broke at 24+6 weeks gestation!

Danielle's story of PPROM / Waters breaking in pregnancy 24 weeks and 6 days gestation

I wasn't prepared much for my 1st so with him being my 2nd I thought I'd be more prepared; boy was I wrong! Having gone through an NICU journey before I was hoping this would be different. Different it was as 10th Jan 2018 24+6 weeks pregnant 30 miles away from home I thought I'd wet myself so I managed to borrow some trousers, got sorted, then whoosh again! I thought oh no I should have done my pelvic floor exercise, this continued till my next scan app at 25+4 where it was confirmed I had PPROM.

We were taken to a side room panic fear raced through my body what did this mean? According to the hospital it meant termination or a very sick baby IF he made it.

What, how, why, picking my jaw up off the floor I could feel the tears building the light started to flicker over my watery eyes. What do you mean I need to terminate my baby?

I've just heard and seen him he's alive why are you saying this? With little explanation we chose to continue with the pregnancy and sent home on bed rest with antibiotics after the steroid Injection.

We were put under a fetal medicine doctor, which meant nothing to me, I jumped to high risk pregnancy with weekly bloods and scans this continued for 6 weeks.

In that time I found little Heartbeats on Facebook, my first thought was YES I’m not alone but it quickly dawned on me how serious this actually was. I was sent out a pack of information, a teddy heartbeat bear, and colouring book and pencils. I received it all and used the heartbeat recording device at his next appointment. I was so grateful to find people that knew more about this situation then my hospital did!! At around 26wks gestation I was at home, it was a normal morning and I found a moment to nip to the toilet and I all I saw was blood. I completely panicked crying hysterical, I phone the hospital, and then I went straight in and spent the night in there until it had stopped. I was discharged again to home bed rest but this happened again around 28/29wks but this time it lasted for 3 days so in total I spent 4 nights in hospital.

This wasn't how is planned my perfect 2nd pregnancy. We made it to 32+2 weeks gestation and he came out with a tiny cry 12:25pm. I cried and cried he was taken to nicu I got sorted then went to meet him. He looked just like one of his scan pictures I fell in love. I spent the night then the next morning knock at the door your being discharged, ahh ok umm I was happy and scared leaving the hospital without your baby is one of the most hardest things I've ever done, yes I got to go see him whenever I wanted but it didn't feel right a part of me was missing. I got home and gave my little girl the biggest hug ever I called the hospital to Check on Eddy but it didn't feel right.

Having to split my time between 2 children which are in 2 different places was draining on me and my mental health I felt that all I did was cry, cry for leaving him to go home, cry leaving her to go see him it was a circle that didn't seem to want to end. He liked to play musical beds did our Eddy, One time he be one room on one side, next time different side or room he was a monkey, he got a Nick name of “asbo baby” 2 after 3 feeding tubes were pulled out in 1 day but you could guarantee he'd have at least 2 a day. He was suspected lactose intolerance and after picking up an infection he was finally discharged after 7 long weeks off back and too from the hospital, I was finally walking out with my boy!

He was taken off all meds 2019, discharged from physio and the hospital 2020 and he turned 3 in Feb 2021.

He will forever be my baby even if he is starting to outgrow my knee.

Where there’s a heartbeat there is hope.


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