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#stayathome #timecapsulechallenge

#stayathome challenge who is going to join us

Thanks to my brillant sister Nina who is a brillant teacher and also currently recovering from a brain tumour and has suggested this amazing idea to my girls ❤

To create a time capsule, writing a diary of her time away from the school during the covid-19 pandemic

So all you need to do either yourself or your kids is

- grab an old shoe box / any small box

- grab some paper and decorate it

- name the box with Time Capsule making memories

And get yourself or kids to do this

- write a letter to yourself, explaining what you like doing, what's happening in the World and what you love doing

- write a list of realistic goals

- add paper articles of what's happening to the box

- add anything that you won't miss but proud of getting (my daughter chose a medal she won)

- add photos

- write down your feelings

- write some poems

Once you done, share with us, I will create a blog on our website to add this too so you can add your creations

Then hide the tine capsule and then a Yeat or up to 10 years find it and remind yourself of your younger self remind yourself of these precious moments

This can also be a challenge for our pprom mums

Who is up for this challenge,?

I will post our website link for this soon below


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