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We were told by the doctor he would be gone within 48 hours.

Mum Deborah PPROM 22 weeks gestation

Pprom survivor

Hi my name is Deborah and I am a mum of an active 3 year old. However we wasnt sure if we would get to even hold him and him be alive.

I was 22 weeks pregnant in August 2016, when my waters broke, I was unusually calm my now husband was panicking, we went to hospital where I was assessed and a sample of the fluid taken, where it was confirmed it was my waters.

I had got a uti, I was admitted on a side ward for 48 hours, given antibiotics i felt so alone, I wrote a letter to our son as we were told by the doctor he would be gone within 48 hours.

I cried so much but tried to remain positive, I was panicking and realised it was adding stress to him.

The next 48 hours was long but every hour that passed was more positive. I had questions, what if he was born breathing would they help?

Thats the one that changes with every baby born in these circumstances, we was hopeful.

Our baby had passed them 48 hours, what followed was 3 visits per week to the hospital, he was breech, stopped growing at 27 weeks, stopped putting weight on, at week 33 he was born via emergency caesarian, due to weak heartbeat.

He had a chest drain when born due to air near his lung, he was in hospital 2 weeks and now after all that we have a healthy little boy, other than a leg issue everything is fine.

My advice with pprom would be try and not to panic and stress, doctors arent always right.

Drink plenty of water, eat plenty. I ate loads my reasoning was the more i eat the more weight he puts on, it might give him more of a fighing chance.

My message is....

Stay hopeful My son in neonatal


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